Noisy breathing

Noisy breathing. hoarse or croaky voice

Babies with noisy breathing from very early age usually have condition called floppy larynx. This can be treated and made to disappear very quickly using antireflux medication and certain feeding strategies. If these are not enough: the baby can also be operated on and the operation is usually very successful and quite straight forward.

There are other causes of noisy breathing. These can all be treated but this may involve putting your child to sleep in the operating theatre at the Portland Hospital and having a look at the voice box and windpipe with a camera. If treatment is needed for the noisy breathing it can be done usually at the same procedure.

Hoarse voice often starts at the age of 3. It is caused by chronic mouth breathing and post nasal drip. The child then starts recurrently clearing their throat of mucous and this damages the vocal cords. Then they have to strain their voice to talk and this causes further sometimes permanent vocal cord nodules. Again these can be removed in the Portland operating theatre as a day case: if they have no hope of getting better with speech therapy or by treating the other ENT issues your child may have.

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