What is COBLATION Technology?

“Co” stands for “controlled” and “blation” is derived from the word, “ablation”: which is the process of reducing the size of something. When the sun melts an iceberg, the process is called, “ablation.”

COBLATION technology combines radiofrequency energy and saline to create a plasma field. The plasma field remains at a relatively low temperature as it precisely ablates the targeted tissue. The COBLATION plasma field removes target tissue while minimizing damage to surrounding areas.

Many conventional surgical devices burn tissue to remove it, which destroys the living cells within it. Because the tissue is damaged it causes prolonged tissue healing and of course more extensive pain for the patient. This means painkillers will be needed for longer after the operation.

Surgical devices that use heat to remove tissue will also cause damage to surrounding healthy tissue which will also extend the recovery time after surgery, carrying with it more risks as the heat may damage nerves and blood vessels. Damaged blood vessels may then bleed after the surgery once the patient has gone home, causing the need to be seen again as an emergency and possibly being re admitted is bleeding severe.

The benefits of coblation include:

  • Less Pain
  • Less Bleeding
  • Quicker Recovery Time
  • Fewer Post-Operative Complications
  • Maximum Precision for Your Surgeon

Helen Caulfield has used coblation technology for all her surgery since 2011. There are different wands available for different area of the ENT system.

What operations can coblation technology be used for?

  • Tonsil removal
  • Adenoid removal
  • Inferior turbinate shrinkage: to help a child breath though their blocked nose if sprays are not working
  • Removal of vocal cord lesions: if your child is hoarse
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