Blocked nose

Blocked and runny noses

Having a blocked nose is a real medical problem for young children. It means that they are not filtering, cleaning, warming, and humidifying the air they are breathing into the lungs. Not only that, but the nose will be harbouring a lot of bacteria making the tonsils overwork and tracking bacteria to the lungs and intestinal tract. This leads to excessive cough and issues with malabsorbtion of nutrients in the gut so affecting the child’s immune system. It also can mean the child has unsightly thick, yellow, green or clear runny nose most of the time. This can cause socialisation issues.

Common causes of blocked nose are:

  • Large adenoids
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Nasal Allergy

In Helen Caulfield’s clinic, she will examine the nose, clear it of mucous and find the exact cause of the problem.

Tests for blocked nose:

  • An x ray will show enlarged adenoids
  • Skin prick testing will show allergies
  • CT scan of the sinuses in older children

Possible treatment options. This may be with medicines, surgery or a combination of both.

Medical options:

  • Course of Antibiotics with or without oral steroids
  • Steroid or salt water nasal sprays

Surgical options which can all be done as a day case:

  • Adenoids removal with a coblation wand
  • Shrinking large bulky nasal lining due to allergy with nasal coblation wand
  • Correction of deviated nasal septum called septoplasty
  • Sinus washout with salt water
  • Sinus surgery to open the natural drainage holes of the sinuses if blocked with swollen tissue
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